Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fa freddo!!!!

On Friday, October 8, there was a sponsored trip to Lago Maggiore. Unfortunately, it was not the best weather to go to a lake because it was very cloudy and cold. But we had a good time anyway. There were only 8 of us so we kind of all decided what we wanted to do together. It was an hour train ride to get to the town and we took a boat from the town to a few of the little islands on the lake. They were all very cute, very touristy little places. We visited the botanical gardens that surrounded a mansion of a very rich and powerful Italian family. It was interesting hearing about the family. One thing that I found unusual was they had several puppet theatres in their house, which I guess could be considered like having multiple TVs in one's house. After visiting the mansion and the gardens, we went to lunch on one of the other islands. After a successful day of exploring, we returned to Milan!

Las Vegas Party!
On Saturday night, there was a party at Collegio. The theme was Las Vegas and everyone was expected to dress up. Some of the costumes were very amusing. I just wore a little black dress...very uninspired, but it was cute, so whatever. The party was really fun and I got to meet a lot more people...a lot of friends of people from Collegio. I can't wait for the next party!

On Tuesday, instead of having my regular Italian Culture and Cuisine class, we had a field study at a a little cheese shop called Miracolo a Milano. This little family owned store makes their own fresh cheese everyday and we were able to watch them make it and even sample a little piece. I wish I could have bought some, but I don't have a refrigerator to put it in so unfortunately I could not buy any. But that was a fun alternative to going to class!

Me and Maggie eating gelato!
Me and Raul, reunited!
On Friday night, I finally was able to go to Fidenza, where I did my opera program this summer. It was fun seeing the town and all the guys from the hotel again! My friend Maggie went with me and we walked around the town a little bit and we bought some excellent gelato. We ate dinner at the hotel where we got to see my friend Raul, who works at the hotel, for a little bit. We left at 9:15 to go back to Milan. Hopefully I will be able to go back and visit again at least once more this semester!

So the meaning of the title of this blog entry "Fa freddo" means "it's cold!!!" So apparently Milan doesn't turn on the heat until October 15th to save energy. And you ask: but Valerie, it it is October 17th so why are you complaining about the cold? And I answer: apparently Collegio doesn't want to turn on the heat until the 18th, so I am actually freezing. I am in my Gettysburg sweatpants and sweatshirt (represent!) and a scarf and my wool socks...and I am in my room under 2 blankets. So hopefully tomorrow everything will start working. Hopefully. Or else my feet might fall off. Just sayin.

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