Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday - Sunday: The Weekend

I couldn't think of a more creative title. Forgive me. I had planned on maybe going to Venice this weekend, but things didn't work out so I stayed at the Collegio instead. On Friday after class, I had a lot of interesting "Italian Interactions" because I wandered around in search of an agenda book. I cannot live without an agenda book so I do not know how I have survived these past two weeks without one. So I go to the copy place near my study abroad center to buy some notebooks. I asked the cashier if he had any agenda books books and he didn't, but he drew me out some directions to a place where they they might have them. So I attempted to follow his directions, but as I do, I got lost and was just wandering around going into promising stores desperately trying to find an agenda book. One of the stores I went into, I asked the man and he looked at me like a crazy person like, "why in the heck would you want to buy an agenda book this time a year?" was the basic gist I got. So I ended up giving up and just settling on a little pink notebook to record my commitments in. But, I was not defeated because I got to talk with a lot of people in Italian! Hooray!

On Friday and Saturday evenings, I went out with some people from Collegio. And one night, I tried to wear one of my new blouses I bought and concluded that it looked like I was wearing an extra-large T-shirt over leggings. I looked ridiculous. Fail. I concluded that this Italian style does not work for me at all. Alas.

Today (Sunday), I am just finishing up my homework and hanging around. I was able to practice an hour for piano and an hour for voice in preparation for my lesson tomorrow. So I feel pretty well prepared. I am excited to work with this new teacher! I have also been talking to my friends, Jenny and Amanda, who are studying abroad in Avignon. We are trying to make plans to visit each other! I am so excited to see them! Also, some of my other friends who are studying in Vienna are visiting Italy this week, so hopefully we will be able to see each other!

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