Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday: Too Much Italian

Today during class, we had a field trip. First, our teacher took us to a cafe across from La Scala and treated us to breakfast. After, we visited the house and church of a famous Italian author. Then we had a tour/lecture of the Palazzo Marino. But our tour guide was talking so fast in Italian that I hardly understood what was being said...and this lasted for at least 2 hours. My mind was about ready to explode. And he kept picking me out of the group and asking me questions about the Italian legal system and I was so much. And I had to do a lot of research this evening about what we were actually supposed to learn during the tour because it was so darn confusing at the time. I don't understand warp speed Italian yet. Haha.

I had my second voice lesson today, which went pretty well. Patrizia told me that I have a lot of bad habits that I need to get rid of...but I am working on it. And as I am leaving my lesson, Patrizia stops me and asks if I can stay for the next lesson and play piano for her next student because the pianist who usually comes to our lessons wasn't there. So I said that I could look at the music and try to play through it. So I had about 20 minutes to look over the music and then I find out that the student is having to record this aria for I guess an audition or something, I have no idea. But I was slightly horrified because I was like...well I have 20 minutes to prepare this aria for a recording that might be of some importance. But I ended up not butchering it too badly...hopefully it was good enough to send in to whomever she was sending it to. And I ended up missing all of one of my classes instead of half of it. So I went to apologize to the professor and I think he just found it funny that I was so apologetic and worried about missing class...

And the best part of the day: my 2 hour nap from 6-8 this evening! Haha. So good.

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